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Summertime in New Jersey brings out the gypsy in me. I've been playing with some different musical groups playing gypsy swing - ala Hot Club. You can check it out on Reverbnation

I went into the studio last fall and recorded some original material. The name of the project is "Cadence" and you can check it out here.

I have been playing around with HTML5 and CSS3. If you aren't running on an HTML5 enabled browser, you may find missing features like music playback.

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Music Projects Past

Here are some projects I've been involved with

Mostly originals recorded on a lo-fi budget.

  • cowboy
  • lifeline
  • lifeline

Cowboy Jazz

This 2008 project included eight original compositions.

The term Cowboy Jazz was a favorite euphemism of a Berklee instructor back in the 70's to describe the new jazz "fusion" music that was emerging at that time.

The cover photo is a picture of the mural from a department store in Paramus. It was been torn down several years back.

Feather Lake
Comfort Coal
Dusty Roads
Cowboy Jazz
Midnight Soljourn
January Song
Roy Sutter keyboards
Nodar Rodes drums
Keith Dorgan virbraphones
Stuart Grant bass

Long Time Passing

This 2005 recording features jazz guitar arrangements of folk songs from the 60's. The project title taken from the Pete Seeger song - Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

The cover photo is the New York City skyline taken from the Jersey side of the Hudson - around Weehawken.

Sounds of Silence
Scarboro Faire
People Get Ready
Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Killing Me Softly
Cirlce Game
Andy ONeil drums
Mark Hagan upright bass


In 2007 this project featured originals penned by Bruce. The title was taken as an extension of the slang "lines". Imagine have an uninterrupted recording of everything you have ever heard, played or said for your entire life - your lifeline.

The album photo was taken of the George Washington Bridge from the Jersey side of the Hudson. Available at CD Baby

Pyramid Eyes
Coopers Blues
Night Vision
Some Summernite
Rising Rain
Open Plains
Tom Beckham vibraphone
Nodar Rodes drums
Jay Brunka upright bass

My Story: The places I've Been

Long Ago and Far Away....

Bruce Radtke is a New Jersey based jazz guitarist and composer. He has gigged professionally in Boston, Los Angeles and NYC, and earned a B.A. from Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Drawn to the music of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton at the age of 8, Radtke picked up the guitar, learning to play songs by ear. Along the way, he got into an expanding range of influences - Clapton led to B.B.King and Muddy Waters and then to Robert Johnson. He attended a concert in the early 70's by the Mahavisnhu Orchestra and it was like a visit from another planet. The intensity and the fire was like nothing ever heard before. Tracing back the lineage, led to some of the forefathers of jazz guitar - Joe Pass, Wes Montegomrery and Charlie Christian.

Radtke never intended to be a "jazz guitarist", but decided to study jazz because they had mastered the art of playing music. They were simply the "best"musicians.

He attended Berklee, and was one of the first 15 students to graduate from their Applied Music Program. After college, he kicked around Boston, played in an original punk/rock band A.Y.M., and taught at the Cincotti School of Music. He then moved to L.A., where he lived for 10 years, gigging and recording with local mainstays Chuck Johnson’s Interplay and Bill Given’s Give And Take.

Returning to New Jersey, Radtke has been playing around NYC and NJ with informal jazz bands. However, he has been concentrating on his music and recording as time and money allow.Radtke cites Wayne Shorter and Keith Jarrett as influences, for their unique, personal tone. And with his warm boppish lines, and fresh workings of original tunes, Radtke is well on his way to creating his own sound.